giovedì 26 settembre 2013

“La Rotta del BuonPescato” food show is arriving in Salerno

From Friday, September 27th, an important food event will take place in Salerno:La Rotta del BuonPescato” food show is at the heart of the “BuonPescato Italiano” project, created by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry for the appreciation and promotion of the smaller and surplus national fish species.

After Treviso, Bari and Cariati Marina (CS), the culinary event will arrive in Campania and will be dedicated, in particular, to the fish species of Lanzardo, Palamita, Tombarello, Tonnetto and Sugarello.

At yesterday's press conference we were shown the many initiatives in the programme of the three day event on 27th, 28th and 29th September.
Speech of Paolo Giarletta Chief Administrator of Nouvelle Studio Ltd., organizer of the project
Chefs and cooks will prepare fish dishes that can be tasted free of charge. Other wonderful regional products will be used and the food will be accompanied by wines provided by the Provincial Winery of Salerno.

There will also are a large number of Cooking Shows (booking is required), seminars and workshops.

Party vista mare will be present at all the events of the show: come and join me there, I’m expecting lots of you!
On my Facebook and Twitter accounts I will share the photos of the events to keep you updated on what is happening during the food show.

"La Rotta del BuonPescato" event will take place at the Lungomare Tafuri in Salerno, near the Grand Hotel Salerno.

English version by Maurizio de Santis
Special thanks to David Strong

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  2. Cara Mimma, prima o poi verrai a trovarci a Salerno? Speriamo di si!