martedì 25 giugno 2013

On the beach in Capri - La Canzone del Mare

Today I’m writing to you from the wonderful island of Capri, a unique place in the world about which I already told you a few posts ago. 
Here, once again, I found the feeling of being at home, totally comfortable while I was walking through the elegant white alleys or taking my time to admire the sea from panoramic viewpoints.
I started my stay by going to the beach at La Canzone del Mare, the famous beach resort of Capri.
The beach overlooks the bay of Marina piccola.
The Faraglioni rocks, not far away, continuously attract your attention with their majestic presence.
Everywhere you can enjoy gorgeous sea views: from the relaxation area
from the swimming pool
and from the Diva suites, where you can stay overnight.
What a pleasant day I have spent at La Canzone del Mare!

Tomorrow, however, I am going for a walk on foot to the villa of Baron Fersen. 
I'll tell you everything in the next post...

English version by Maurizio de Santis 
Special thanks to David Strong

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