sabato 6 aprile 2013

Getting married on the sand

Who knows how many people imagine spending their honeymoon on a tropical island... but those who think of celebrating their wedding there? 
And yes, this is also possible in the Maldives! Of course they are symbolic ceremonies, which have no legal value, but the visual effect is guaranteed and the emotions experienced are authentic. 
At Palm Beach Resort & SpA the ceremonies are celebrated on the beach, on the spit of sand at the end of the island of Madhiriguraidhoo.
The two lovers, surrounded by the sea and the wonderfully white beach, will be married by a celebrant, listening to the notes of the musicians "Bodu Beru" while a photographer immortalizes the most touching moments of the ceremony. 
The room of the wedding night, specifically decorated for the occasion, will have a bottle of champagne on ice and, upon request, you may be served by a butler or have breakfast in your room.

The newly-weds will be able to relax with a massage at the Coconut SpA and then enjoy the intimacy of a candlelit dinner at the restaurant “Romantic” or one of the other piers of the Resort.
At this point you're probably wondering: is it a dream? 
No, this is the Maldives!

English version by Maurizio de Santis
Special thanks to David Strong

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