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Domenico Basile, the chef who chose cooking as a lifestyle

During my holiday in the Maldives, I met a young chef from Palermo, who delighted me with his dishes: Domenico Basile.
Domenico Basile and his slogan: "My Cooking is my Lifestyle"

He’s only 28 years old, but Domenico has already got 13 years experience in the sector. 
While still a child, he was already cooking in the kitchen at home with his father. His natural talent was refined by the crucial Sicilian chefs: the brothers Alessandro and Max Mangano, Cascino, Guddo, Priolo, who were essential in his training. 
After graduating from the hotel institute, the turning point in his career came when he met the great chef Filippo La Mantia, with whom he worked with dedication, improving his skills more and more. On his advice, Domenico accepted the exclusive management of the Romantic restaurant at the Palm Beach Resort & SpA in the Maldives.
The Romantic restaurant on one of the piers of the Palm Beach Resort & SpA in the Maldives     
In the enchanting seaside restaurant Domenico offers his guests every night a different menu, with classic revisited dishes. With his inexhaustible wish to experiment, the chef cleverly manages to combine and enhance the value of simple and natural ingredients, making his guests enjoy the taste of the dish in its entirety.
In the three appetizer dish, one of the specialities of Domenico Basile: the caponata on eggplant and fish
Domenico prefers light cooking, without butter or cream. What is never lacking in his dishes is a touch of his land, his beloved Sicily.
Rigatoni with julienned squids, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, creamed basil and breadcrumbs 
Linguine  with prawns, ginger, cherry tomatoes and mint     
Almond semifreddo
In the future Domenico Basile imagines a cookery school, the publication of two books and the opening of a restaurant: he puts such determination and commitment into everything he does that it’s impossible he won’t have a lot of success. We’ll hear a lot more about him again, I'm sure!

English version by Maurizio de Santis
Special thanks to David Strong

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