giovedì 21 marzo 2013

Sea and sport in a Maldive atoll

Hello everyone, this is the Maldives! 
How nice it is to wake up with the certainty that it is sunny. 
A week ago before leaving I was wondering whether I would need an umbrella that day or I should wear a hat. 
Now just awake I look at the horizon from my bungalow. 

and then I enjoy my breakfast overlooking the sea. 
Here too I spend a part of the day doing some sport. I was afraid that on an atoll I wouldn’t have much chance to do any physical activity, but I was wrong. The island Madhiriguraidhoo has an circumference of approximately 2 km and it is a great circuit for scenic running
Palm Beach Resort & SpA also provides bicycles for the guests with which we can move around easily.
There are tennis courts, soccer pitches, beach volley courts and a panoramic gym.
Of course you can enjoy various water sports. I'm going to go for a canoe ride, I'll tell you ...

English version by Maurizio de Santis
Special thanks to David Strong

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