domenica 10 febbraio 2013

The contagious enthusiasm of the Dominicans

Those who live in places where it’s warm and sunny all year round have an inner energy that regenerates them, giving them the ability to live with optimism and simplicity. 
During my trip to the Dominican Republic I became sure of this. Months before, a hurricane had destroyed a lot of homes, but my guide told me that Dominicans never get too attached to their homes or objects, as tomorrow they might no longer exist: it’s the present that really counts and living with the ones you love.

I remember boarding the plane at Punta Cana airport. 
I was queueing up late at night, sleepy and melancholy at the end of my holiday. When I arrived to check in, I was struck to see the employees working while they were listening to music and following its rhythm. When it was time to go, they gave me back my passport, saying goodbye like this: “Now we’ll let you leave, but you’ll come back, won’t you?"
There we are, the Dominicans are like that. They know how to enjoy life with enthusiasm. And they feel like sharing it.

English version by Maurizio de Santis
Special thanks to David Strong

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  1. you have a beautiful memory of the Dominican Republic and its people ...... cool that are so joyful and friendly .... until you want to go there ..... no ..... then go warm greetings ...