giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

Food + amusement = Mauro Improta’s cookery school

As soon as I knew Mauro Improta was doing a cookery course, I promised myself not to miss out on an opportunity to meet the most inspiring chef of the television programme “La Prova del Cuoco”. Now I can confirm that he really is like this: cheerful, spontaneous, helpful and an excellent chef, of course! Without worrying about the never-ending rain, I went with some other food lovers to the restaurant “Salone dei Principi”, in the centre of Naples, where we were welcomed by Giulia Pirozzi’s smile, manager of the course. In the wonderful city on the bay, we watched the preparation of three fish-based dishes, that Mauro entirely created in front of our eyes.
Mauro prepares the “scialatielli”

Nothing was previously cooked, so we could follow every individual step of the recipes.
In a few seconds Mauro dices the courgettes
The chef, also, revealed some little cookery secrets and gave us some useful advice for the basic preparation. Aren’t you intrigued to know them? There’s nothing more for you to do, than take part in a one of his next courses, that will take place from February. 
With the tasting of the dishes and the awarding of the certificates, the carefree Neapolitan afternoon in the kitchen was finished.
The course and tasting members
Thanks Mauro, and see you again at the next course!
Giulia Pirozzi head of the course and the chef Mauro Improta    
English version by Maurizio de Santis
Special thanks to David Strong

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