martedì 29 gennaio 2013

Amberjack and artichokes, together for passion

Like everybody who is fan of cooking, I have dreamed of opening a restaurant of my own many times. Then I met Carmen Saviano who has fulfilled this dream: a graduate in business studies, she felt happy only among stoves, and so, a little more than a year ago, she opened the restaurant Chef for Passion.

I asked Carmen and her chef Raffaele to come up with a recipe for the readers of Party vista mare. 
So they have given us one of the original passion-based dishes with which they delight their guests, the fillet of amberjack with artichokes and Calabrian broccoli, you’ll need:
600 g fillet of amberjack
1 Calabrian broccoli
8 artichokes
1 garlic
1 shallot
thyme and mint
extra virgin oil olive and salt as required
The chef cleaned the artichokes removing the little interior fibres, then he julienned them and left them in water and lemon juice. He cleaned and cut the Calabrian broccoli, parboiled it in salted water and then he immersed it into cold water to keep its bright colour. In a pan with hot oil and thyme, he browned the amberjack fillet well, skin side down.
Turning it over, he switched off the heat and he added the unpeeled garlic and shallot. After drying the artichokes, he fried them in oil, with some unpeeled garlic and mint. After repeating the same process for the Calabrian broccoli, the chef arranged the dish and it looked wonderful
Chef for Passion is in Salerno, not far from the seafront, at 53, Via Portacatena. 
And it isn’t only a restaurant, but it is much, much more….I’ll tell you about it in one of my next posts!

English version by Maurizio de Santis
Special thanks to David Strong

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