giovedì 21 febbraio 2013

21.0975 km to the sea in the Rome-Ostia Half Marathon

By now the most popular half marathon in Italy is not far off.
Runners from all over the world are meeting on 3rd march to run the Roma-Ostia race. It’s a quick race, well-organized, with a course that allows the athletes to achieve an excellent performance.
Photo taken from the FB page Roma Ostia Half Marathon

The Salerno running club will be participating in the competition with a large group of over 50 athletes. After a very satisfying sporting 2012 the team is ready to give their best at their first half marathon of the new year.
Photo by Giuseppe Gorga
Again we’ll suffer on the climbs and in the hardest stretches of this race that we know so well. But when we get a sight of the sea on the horizon, we’ll know that our goal is near. 
Upon arrival, maybe we’ll be rejoicing for having beaten our personal best. 
But definitely we’ll feel great because, once again, we’ll have crossed the finishing line. 

Best of luck to the 12,000 runners in the Roma-Ostia Half Marathon.

English version by Maurizio de Santis
Special thanks to David Strong

4 commenti:

  1. Grande evento per tutti gli appassionati della corsa ! Ci saremo ! Brava Danila!

  2. run is life :-)

    Vincenzo 5039

  3. Grande Roma-Ostia, grande Danila in veste di accredita tra gli addetti stampa ufficiali della manifestazione

  4. Salerno Running Club is going to run Roma Ostia half marathon once again! I'm sure you all competitors will take honour and glory with you when you come back home. I'm pride of you my dear mates. Good luck!
    Giovanna Barra